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WOLF GARTEN | POWER Cut 'Premium Plus' Telescopic Anvil Tree Lopper - 900mm

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WOLF GARTEN | Power Cut 'Premium Plus' Telescopic Anvil Loppers, 900mm

The most powerful & sharp anvil tree lopper on the market from WOLF-Garten Germany. The Power Cut Loppers from WOLF-Garten offers the best in cutting performance and operation. WOLF-Garten Loppers feature new dual pivot cutting head technology which allows the blades to really bite into the branch making your cut easier than ever before - with less torque on the body. Finally, a tree lopper that does most of the work for you!

The telescopic extension operation, with high-strength individually-adjustable aluminium gripping handle tubes, guarantees the long reach and comfortable handling of the RS900T lopping shears. This allows both easy access to cut the higher branches of a tree ladder free and also permits convenient cutting of low-lying branches on the ground without strenuous stooping or uncomfortable bending. Moreover, the lightweight design makes cutting work easier, as the comfort-grip handles are reinforced with soft-lining grip your hands will thank you for.

Premium German-steel blades easily slice through limbs & branches up to almost 2" in diameter. You won't believe the cutting power of this lopper! Zinc coated blades mean a slick, clean cut every time. Wolf-Garten Loppers offer replaceable blades as well, so if and when you need to, you can easily swap out the blades for new ones.

The RS900T telescopic anvil lopper has a very light cut on branches up to 1.97" (50 mm) in diameter. WOLF-Garten® RS900T telescopic lopping shears have an overall length of approx. 650-900 mm. The weight of this anvil lopper is unbelievably light at 3.86 lbs to ensure a comfortable pain-free tree trimming experience.

Bypass Blades vs. Anvil Blades: What's the difference?

Bypass blades cut like traditional scissors with two blades sliding past each other. Bypass blades are recommended for fast-healing, precise, stub-free cuts of thin stems and green (living) branches. The slim cutting head facilitates the cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places and prevents soft stems from being squeezed during the cutting process.

Anvil blades cut using one-blade technology, which provides up to 20% more power compared to bypass technology. During the cur, the stems and branches rest on the anvil while a single blade cuts down onto the anvil, slicing through the branches. Anvil shears are ideal for cutting dead and hardwood (i.e., rose and brush cutting) and facilitate arm-friendly work at minimum cutting vibration.


Cutting diameter 50 mm
Length 650 - 900 mm
Cutting modes
Adjustable head
BLADES Blades with non-stick coating
Extendable handle can be extended up to 900 mm
Cutting option
Lever (Transmission)
Cutting head technology Up to four times the force transmitted thanks to the new cutting head technology
Ergonomic handle Ergonomic two-component handles with soft-grip
Bars Anodised handles
Flat-headed screws Flat bolted joints
Blade transmission Precise adjustment of blade tension
Rubber buffers
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