DTG Drop Turbo Blade and Barracuda Blade

DTG Drop Turbo Blade and Barracuda Blade

Diamond Blades

Natural Stone has been used in landscaping for as long as civilization itself, resulting in some spectacular results across many cultures.
The Sphinx, Egypt.
 The Taj Mahal, India.
 Stonehenge, Great Britain.
As with ancient times, your project is only limited to your imagination, however we do not have many years and almost unlimited manpower to complete projects, and this brings into question the quality of tools used on projects today.
Giant zipper pool edging, China.
 Garden Studio with pebble path.
 Path with water channel.
Poolside, holiday resort.
As we know, different materials require different tools to cut them and Stonex has developed two extremely popular blades to achieve this.
One of the hardest natural materials to cut is granite and the DTG Drop Turbo Blade has been developed by our team of technicians to combat this. With its segment undercut protection, the blade is designed to be used in both wet and dry cutting applications as an optimum granite blade.
Another product developed from the demand for a continuous rim blade is the SST Barracuda Blade, this blade is guaranteed to cut all ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone marble and amazingly granite also. For obvious reasons, this blade has become hugely popular.
With our huge range of products, Stonex is sure to have the tool for your project. Browse through our product range today for a solution to your needs.



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