8 Things You Need To Know About WELDBrush®

8 Things You Need To Know About WELDBrush®


WeldBrush Pty Ltd, originally known as Kezza Products, and are the Inventors of the Conductive Brush. Commercial speed for Cleaning, Polishing, and Electro-passivation of Stainless Steel welds and surfaces are now made possible by Australian inventiveness. WeldBrush has revolutionised the art of stainless steel fabrication throughout the world.

WeldBrush® maintains a consistent programme of innovation and product development. This can be seen through every element of the product, from its world-class electronic circuitry to its rugged hardware and construction, right through its broad range of consumables.

WeldBrush® cleans welds from not just for TIG weld, but also MIG weld. WeldBrush® cleans and polishes Brass, Copper and Bronze; and etched prints for both Stainless Steel and Aluminium surfaces.

Come visit us at NMW 2017 as we will be demonstrating the many features and advantages of the WeldBrush® system. So, take the opportunity and come see us at our Stand Number 1430.

The Weldbrush® Weld Cleaning product range is all about reliable performance.   

For Fast, Safe, Convenient and Affordable volume Stainless Steel production fabrications . . . . . WeldBrush® delivers.

Designed for user convenience, WeldBrush® has developed a range of machines with a small footprint. It’s easy to understand user interface, robust high-efficiency electronic circuitry and quick detach cabling are specifically featured in our custom DX high current connectors. Our patented sliding shroud brush control insulator and our own (right from the earliest machines) anti-seize brush connection socket are made to suit a range of brushes, for any application and our consumable liquids are safe and easy to use.  

WeldBrush Pty Ltd is an Australian owned & operated company supporting and assigning Stonex Tools Australia as National Distributor. Also, for keen note showing the quality, reliability and ease of use, these are sold in over 20 international destinations.



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