Are you equipped? Seriously equipped?

Are you equipped? Seriously equipped?


Wow! It’s May - the last month of Autumn and the rain is becoming more regular. The cold winter will soon follow.

Are you equipped?

It’s an absolute mayhem for builders and homeowners alike. Rain can halt construction or renovation completely, depending on the type of project that you are working on. Delays often result in loss of revenue and increased expenditures. Erecting a temporary shelter over your site can keep the work flowing smoothly, but most importantly, reliable tools, on- time supplies and services are critical.

Suppliers to the trade must be mindful of the different seasons and any problems that it can bring. You wouldn’t want to be stranded because your tools let you down like:

or, just waiting for your order to arrive. It will be a nightmare and will bring your job to a standstill.

For all these reasons, Stonex Tools Australia is one company that will strive to ensure orders are delivered at the soonest time possible, so you don’t lose out. Great right? Their range of tools are durable and they stand by it.

Click through for some serious deals that can help you expedite your work and they are on quality tools at a Competitive price -, so you can get your work done on time.


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