WELDBRUSH and the future of Electro Polishing

WELDBRUSH and the future of Electro Polishing


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WELDBrush and the future of Electro Polishing in Australia.

For years the only way to remove unsightly weld marks was a slow and cumbersome process that involved dangerous and costly chemicals and a lot of man hours and risk. It’s the sort of job no one wants to do, it’s slow, repetitive and the chemicals given of by the pickle paste (hydrofluoric and nitric acid combination that removes unsightly join marks between welds) are poisons to breathe in and cause serious burns if the paste hits the skin of the body This also has bad effects on clothing and PPE if the operator is actually minded to comply and use correctly. Due to this fact asthmatics can’t work with the paste and it’s recommended that it only be worked with when under the protection of a full body protection suit as the acid does not wash from the skin under the pressure of running water. Emergency medical treatment is needed immediately if the pickle paste comes into contact with the body. It can leave blind or with second degree burns in a matter of minutes.

The Hydrofluoric acid attacks the bones of your body, leaving you in a very bad state of affairs over long term use, and/or from short term accidents or spillages.

The job however potentially dangerous and time consuming is a necessary one as it restores the steels rust resistant nature. As rust resistant as stainless can be of course. Is Stainless Steel actually Stainless or Stain-Less? For years people in the welding industry accepted this procedure as an unavoidable hazard, as best practise, and as industry standard. Welding is useless if corrosions are going to set in a short time later, but furthermore, what is the point of a beautiful stainless steel polished balustrade or Marine ladder if the welds are not passivated?

The System of electropolishing & electrocleaning has for the first time offered a better solution to a very old problem. This Safe and environmentally friendly system of stainless steel cleaning is quickly replacing the system “pickling solution” and it’s not any wonder why.
Electrochemical cleaning leaves a stainless steel weld mark perfectly passivated in a fraction of the time it use to take. It also leaves no vapour burn in the zone of influence. It works by sending a small electrical current through a specially designed brush that is coated in a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is food grade, in fact they use the ingredient in Food and drink, and they also use it to make fertilisers etc. Another point of note, the ingredient is used in the dental industry to etch teeth in high concentrations. Regardless, it is non-toxic. You can clean the weld without changing the composition or finish of the metal either side of the weld. The results speak for themselves. For a live demo of electropolishing check out the video below.

WELDBrush is the leader in the market of Electro-Polishing. Which is why Stonex Tools Australia has decided to stock WELDBrush from the early days. On other brand delivers as precises results time. Studies have shown that Weldbrush not only returns the steel its original non corrosive state but actually enhances its ability to repel rust.

Stonex Tools Australia is proud to retail Keztek’s latest steel finishing technology - The Weld-Brush  “WB450”, “WB500” and “MP700”.

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